Rubber soul for
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Introducing rubber into ski.

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Control in its most extreme form

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Dedicated to the most demanding skiers, the skis sprang from the partnership between Pirelli and Blossom, leader in handmade very high performance skis. Crafted in the Blossom workshops in Val Chiavenna in collaboration with Pirelli engineers, a special feature is the layer of vibration-damping rubber inserted by Pirelli in the sandwich construction of the ski characterised by several layers of different materials.
The tailor made Pirelli rubber compound is capable of damping up to 60% of the vibrations transferred from the piste to the ski during the descent.

110 exclusive pairs, 7 colors

The skis sport the iconic stretched P logo and come in seven colours inspired by the colour coding system used by Pirelli to
identify its racing tyres. A limited edition of 110 pairs will be made for each colour to commemorate the 110th anniversary of
Pirelli Motorsport in 2017.

Preorder now your limited edition Blossom ski equipped with the Pirelli exclusive technology

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