After an absence from the world of cycling, Pirelli has returned in style, not only with its P ZERO™ Velo bicycle tyres, but also with its special line of high-tech clothing, developed in partnership with industry leader, Castelli. This renowned Italian manufacturer of cycling apparel uses some of the world’s greatest professional cyclists to test its products – hence its unrivalled reputation that dates back over 40 years. A passion for pure competition is inherent in the DNA of both Castelli and Pirelli.

Pirelli Design - Castelli


Pirelli’s new range of cycling clothing is designed for more expert cyclists seeking maximum performance not only in their choice of tyres but also in the apparel they wear. Years of research, combined with invaluable input from leading professional cyclists, have enabled Castelli to develop a high-tech capsule collection, adapted by Pirelli Design to match its unmistakable identity. Inspired by the P ZERO Velo tyres, the collection features silver for Road Racing, red for the Crono and blue for the Four Seasons. Wind tunnel testing has proved that, compared to normal cycling jerseys, their state-of-the-art front and rear fabrics can produce a saving of up to 22 Watts at 40 km/h. However, it's not only about aerodynamics; this capsule collection also provides unprecedented levels of quality, comfort and style.


Castelli’s cycling clothing range comprises bibshorts and jerseys that draw their inspiration from the P ZERO™ Velo tyre

Pirelli Design - Castelli - P ZERO™ Aero Race 5.1
Aero Race 5.1
The aerodynamic race-bred cycling jersey
Pirelli Design - Castelli - P ZERO™ Velo Climber's
Velo Climber’s
The definitive four-seasons cycling jersey
Pirelli Design - Castelli - P ZERO™ Velo Maratona
Velo Maratona
Versatile, light and supremely comfortable
Pirelli Design - Castelli - P ZERO™ Free Aero Race Bibshort
Free Aero Race Bibshort
The state-of-art, high performance racing shorts
Pirelli Design - Castelli - P ZERO™ Volo Bibshort
Volo Bibshort
Extreme practicality and innovative materials
At the top of the range, the Aero Race 5.1 is unmatched for technological sophistication, aerodynamic excellence and lightness. Wind tunnel testing has proved that, compared to a normal cycling jersey, its state-of-the-art front and rear fabrics can produce a saving of 22 Watts at 40 km/h.
  • S-3XL Sizes
  • 103G Weight (Large)
Along with its light weight, the distinguishing feature of the Climber’s 2.0 Jersey is its exceptional breathability, which makes it ideal for Alpine ascents and cool to wear on hot days. In addition, it achieved a saving of only 2 Watts less than the Aero Race 5.1 in wind tunnel tests.
  • S-3XL Sizes
  • 83G Weight (Large)
Supreme lightness, extreme practicality, greater ventilation and the ultimate in performance are guaranteed by the Velo Maratona, thanks to its easy-to-open zip fastener.
  • S-3XL Sizes
  • 138G Weight (Large)
Designed not only to be the best pair of racing shorts around but to achieve maximum aerodynamic efficiency and comfort, as well. The elastic mesh leg hem ensures greater adherence to the legs and a better grip distributed over a wider surface.
  • S-3XL Sizes
  • 178G Weight (Large)
The Volo Bibshort is the ideal pair of shorts for any cycling challenge, proving extremely versatile and providing an excellent fit, thanks to the innovative materials used in the inside leg for greater elasticity and muscle support.
  • S-3XL Sizes
  • 165G Weight (Large)

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Pirelli Design - Castelli

* Manufattura Valcismon S.p.A. supplier of P ZEROTM cycling apparel.